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Modern dentistry allows us to restore and rebuild teeth with white fillings in a minimally invasive process called cosmetic dental bonding.


Dental bonding is considered a dental art, as it requires an in-depth knowledge of the layers, colour, shape and characteristics of the front teeth. Sometimes dental bonding is performed after tooth whitening and/or dental orthodontics to improve the alignment and colour of the front teeth.

How it works

All it takes are 3 simple steps


Check if you’re suitable

Do the online consultation to confirm if you’re eligible for treatment. Answer a few questions and upload photos of your teeth.


Digital Scan

At the clinic, get your teeth digitally scanned and receive a comprehensive treatment report tailored to your needs, including a 3D simulation of what your teeth could look like.


Start your treatment

Receive your aligners in stages in accordance with your treatment progress. Monitor it all from an app.

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    Cosmetic Bonding FAQs

    What is cosmetic bonding?

    Dental bonding involves artistically building up teeth with highly aesthetic white filling materials to restore or improve the shape and sometimes shade of teeth.

    What can dental bonding do?

    Dental Bonding can be used for a wide variety of uses, normally around the front teeth, which are visible when you smile. Dental bonding can be used to close gaps, re-build worn down teeth, repair chips or broken teeth and cover discolourations.

    How long does dental bonding take?

    Bonding is performed by a dentist, so there is no involvement of dental laboratories, which means they are normally during one appointment. Due to the artistic nature of the procedure the treatment time will be longer than normal white fillings, to ensure the bonding is executed with perfection.

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