John’s Story – Smile Makeover

I first came to the practice because it's fairly local and seemed like a reputable dentist. I had the full treatment basically, of removal and replacement of the front teeth. The experience was pretty good, The dentist who treated me is a great bloke, I have confidence in him and he did a very fine job, because I knew that the job involved was quite complex. The treatment has benefitted me greatly and has given me more confidence. I can have conversations now without trying to hide my mouth and everyone says that I look pretty good! It was a fantastic investment as far as I'm concerned because it's partly changed my life from now on even though I'm getting on in the years. I should have had it done years ago but no one was prepared to do it but I think they've done a grand job. Thank you very much.

- John

John before smile makeover at Dental Beauty Mottingham in South-east London
John after smile makeover at Dental Beauty Mottingham in south east london
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