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    Dental Implants in Mottingham South East London

    Dental implants have been used for many years with very high success rates and almost indistinguishable aesthetic results. Missing teeth can lead to a whole host of problems including the obvious cosmetic appearance of the unsightly gap, adjacent teeth can drift into the space, increased bone loss and potentially the space can affect the way you speak.

      Implants are like artificial roots of teeth which are placed into the jaw. By placing an implant into the bone, to replace a missing tooth, you can avoid any facial changes, protect the bone and maintain tooth alignment. Once the implant screw is placed in the bone, the dentist will place an implant crown on top of the implant screw. This implant crown is crafted by very experienced laboratory technicians to ensure it feels and looks as natural, as the rest of your teeth

      Implants can replace single missing teeth, multiple missing teeth or patients who have lost all their teeth. If you are suitable for dental implants, our dentists will carry out a full detailed examination and may need to take a 3D CT scan to accurately assess if implants are the best option for you. Our dentists have been trained in accordance to the GDC and FGDP guidelines and ensure they continually go on courses to stay up to date with the latest dental implant techniques.

      Dental implant diagnosis


      After gathering information via oral X-rays, the dentist assesses the treatment options open to you. The advantages and disadvantages of the various solutions are openly discussed so that you are well-informed on every aspect of the procedure before making a decision.

      Dental implant placement


      The dentist creates a suitable “bed” in the jaw bone, and the implant is then usually inserted under local anaesthetic. Depending on the individual case, a temporary restoration may be placed on the implant during the healing stage. This allows you to enjoy a natural looking smile early on in the process.

      Dental Implant healing and fabrication


      Until the implant is securely attached to the jaw-bone, a healing phase of between six weeks and a few months is expected. Each case is individual. After approximately one week, stitches are removed. Diligent oral hygiene is now vital for successful healing.

      Final placement of dental implants


      Your final restoration is connected to the implant, leaving you free to smile, bite and chew like before. At Dental Beauty, we will offer a long term maintenance plan to ensure your implant remains healthy and stable for as long as possible.

      Am I too old for dental implants?

      No. As long as there is enough bone to place the dental implant, you will be eligible for this treatment. If there is not enough bone, extra bone can often be grafted. Generally, the dentist will need to take a CT Scan to assess the amount and thickness of bone currently present.

      Will I be left without teeth during treatment?

      No, we will ensure you have a temporary crown or some sort of replacement tooth to fill any missing spaces while the dental implant integrates with the bone. In all cases you will be explained exactly how the implant will be placed, temporised and then finally restored, ensuring no surprises or embarrassing days with missing teeth.

      Is dental implant surgery painful?

      We will take every measure to ensure you are comfortable and pain free during the dental implant procedure. All treatments are carried out under local anaesthetic and after the implants are placed we supply painkillers to ensure that our patients remain comfortable. We also offer sedation, for those patients who are really nervous and would rather be in a state of complete relaxation.

      Would I need to do anything prior to treatment?

      Yes. As part of our consultation we will screen your gums and bone for any infections. Prior to implant placement your remaining teeth and gums need to be healthy. We will offer any additional treatment to ensure that your mouth is healthy prior having implants.

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      Your new dental implant will look and feel like natural teeth, giving you confidence to smile and even bite an apple!

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      Dental implants can replace a removable denture with fixed teeth.

      mottingham dental practice

      Dental implants stop your gums and bone from shrinking which reduces the ageing effect caused by losing teeth.

      “My new implants feel like my old teeth, the procedure was painless and the final result looks so natural I cant even tell it’s an implant!”

      Mr W.T.

      Book a consultation now to see how implants can bring back your smile and help you eat with comfort again.

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